Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Outdoor Adventure & Campfire Programs are taught

Akela's Council was started in 1987.  Check out our history page.

You will receive this beautiful blue neckerchief and silver Akela's Council pin to wear on your uniform for attending Akela's Council.

Great Food!  You will be fed very well.

Many different amazing classes, but 2 on patriotism and flag etiquette.

Displays will be set up showing different new and old cub scout stuff

Beautiful surroundings!

New friendships that will last a lifetime

Want to laugh at silly people?  You will surely enjoy how you are taught! 
No boring classes and power points here!

Want to learn what a Cubannapolis is?

Sessions will be taught indoors and out

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