Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 30

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Akela's Council 30

July 29 - August 2, 2014 at Tifie Scout Camp
  Garrett Winn - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Kelly Malin
 Volunteer Advisor
 AC 10 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Garrett Winn
 AC 24 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Annaleis Smith
 Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 AC 23 - Shawnee - Orange
 VaLayne Ostler
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 22 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Jay Barfuss
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 26 - Apache - Blue
 Sherry Bryson
 Pack Trainer
 AC 27 - Apache - Blue
 Rochelle Pinnock
 Apache (blue) Den Leader
 AC 28 - Apache - Blue
 Julie Perkins
 Cheyenne (purple) Den Leader
 AC 24 - Apache - Blue
 Ron Barlow
 Navajo (turquoise) Den Leader
 AC 28 - Cherokee - Red
 Mary Perkins
 Paiute (yellow) Den Leader
 AC 25 - Paiute - Yellow
 Annette Ward
 Shawnee (orange) Den Leader
 AC 29 - Shawnee - Orange
 Nicole Lemon
 AC 22 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Vickie Bennett
 Support Staff - Secretary  AC 23 - Navajo - Turquoise
 Christa Twitchell
 Support Staff - Historian / Medical
 AC 27 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Elise Christensen
 Support Staff - Outdoor Activities
 AC 29 - Shawnee - Orange

Participant List (23)
 Den Name
City / District
 Ali Coleman 
 Apache  Holly Emmett
 Tacoma, WA
 Apache  Carla Flores 
 Eagle Mountain
 Apache  Lisa McFadden 
 Cedar Hills
 Apache  Iralee Pace  Goshen

 Cheyenne  Amanda Cooley
 Ray Cox
 Amy Guymon 
 Jama Scaggs 
 Lincoln, NE 
 Navajo  Pam Christen
 Riverside, CA 
 Navajo  Ingrid Ellenberger
 Navajo  Cheryl Morse
 Navajo  Liz Peterson

 Paiute  Heather Anderson  Saratoga Springs
 Paiute  Laraine Anderson
 Paiute  Serena Neese
 Paiute  Kurt Ostler
 Paiute  Kimberly Pearson
 Laguna Niguel, CA
 Shawnee  Mike Ball
 Shawnee  Brianna Bell
 Shawnee  JoEllen Hyatt
 Shawnee  Sonya Snow
 Shawnee  Ruth Stamm  Spanish Fork

Explanation of Tawa for this course:

Hi! I am Tawa. I am Akela’s Council’s mascot for this course, AC30. My name was taken from the Indian word “Tawa” meaning “sun.” For Akela’s Council, the meaning of Tawa was changed to represent “son,” which represents the sons, or boys, in Cub Scouting.

Our Tawa loves to run. He always has a positive attitude and an unbreakable spirit. He understands commitment and passion. His joy and love of Scouting infect all who he comes in contact with, as seen by the Bobcat paw print on his chest.

Tawa carries a staff with five feathers to represent our five dens, each separate, but all together in a common goal. He also has a silver feather in his headband, which represents the staff on course this year.

Tawa reminds us that the race is “not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but the prize belongs to those who endure to the end.” The race of Scouting, as of life, is not a sprint, it is not the 100-yard dash, nor is it really a middle-distance run. It’s a marathon run. It’s a long-distance run.

May you find joy and excitement in your Scouting service, regardless of the distance. And may the Cub Scouts learn strength and perseverance through your example.

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