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Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 25

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Akela's Council 25
August 11-15, 2009 at Camp Maple Dell
Kim Adams - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Doni Bufton
 Volunteer Advisor
 AC 9 - Paiute - Yellow
 Kim Adams
 AC 17 - Apache - Blue
 Debbie Summerhalder
 Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 AC 9 - Cheyenne - Purple
 John Peck
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 16 - Paiute - Yellow
 Kellie Malin
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 10 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Cindy Gagon
 Pack Trainer
 AC 13 - Cheyenne - Purple
 VaLayne Ostler
 Apache (blue) Den Leader
 AC 22 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Garrett Winn
 Cherokee (red) Den Leader
 AC 24 - Paiute - Yellow
 Deb Watts Brown
 Cheyenne (purple) Den Leader
 AC 21 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Joshua Brown
 Mohawk (green) Den Leader
 AC 23 - Mohawk - Green
 Jessica Ribble
 Paiute (yellow) Den Leader
 AC 20 - Apache - Blue
 John Pope
 Trading Post
 AC 17 - Cherokee - Red
 Annaleis Smith
 Resource  AC 23 - Shawnee - Orange
 Bobbette White
 Support Staff Medical
 AC 24 - Apache - Blue
 Stephanie Bayles
 Kitchen Coordinator
 AC 15 - Apache - Blue
 Julie Perkins
 Support Staff Asst. Kitchen
 AC 24 - Apache - Blue
 Shane Tayco
 Support Staff Asst. Kitchen
 AC 23 - Shawnee - Orange
 Stephanie Meldrum
 Craft Specialist
 AC 18 - Paiute - Yellow
 John Peck
 Stephanie Peck
 Webelos Outdoor Specialist
 AC 16 - Paiute - Yellow
 AC 16 - Cherokee - Red

Participant List (26)
 Den Name
City / District
 Shellie Anderson  American Fork / Silver Lake
 Apache  Suzanne Barfuss  Randlett / King's Peak
 Apache  Donna Collins  Woodland Hills / Palmyra
 Apache  Celeste Hunt  Washington / Fort Pearce
 Apache  Eric Stevenson
 Provo / Provo
 Cherokee  Darin Bartholomew  Spanish Fork / Palmyra
 Cherokee  Juvenal Jovet  Lehi / Lehi
 Cherokee  Dana Reay  Orem / Utah Lake
 Cherokee  Emily Walker  Afton, WY
 Cherokee  Ginger Whitaker  Kanosh / Millard
 Cheyenne  Felice Clements  Springville / Hobble Creek
 Cheyenne  Laura Kesler  Eagle Mountain / Pony Express
 Cheyenne  Cheryl Lambert  Woodland Hills / Palmyra
 Cheyenne  John Mount  Highland / Alpine
 Cheyenne  Nona Nielson  Lehi / Provo
 Cheyenne  Tara Perry
 Randlett / King's Peak
 Mohawk  Sharilyn Barlow  Provo / Cascade
 Mohawk  Laurene Hutchings  Highland / Alpine
 Mohawk  Susan Lunt  Nephi / Salt Creek
 Mohawk  Kent Nielson  Lehi / Provo
 Mohawk  Debbie Wood  Eagle Mountain / Pony Express
 Paiute  Charity Bartholomew  Spanish Fork / Palmyra
 Paiute  K.C. Hunt  Washington / Fort Pearce
 Paiute  Mary Perkins  Myton / King's Peak
 Paiute  Sheri Steele  Highland / Alpine
 Paiute  Michelle Whatcott
 Lehi / Lehi

Explanation of Tawa


For each course of Akela’s Council, the Cubmaster has the opportunity to design a Tawa for their course.  As Cubmaster of Akela’s Council 25, I was honored with this opportunity.

 As I contemplated what I wanted Tawa to look like this year, I thought about what Tawa actually means.

Tawa is an Indian word meaning “sun” and for Akela’s Council, the meaning of tawa was changed to represent “son” to remind us of the sons (or boys) we work with, as leaders and parents, in Cub Scouting.  Although I took the liberty of Tawa for this course to be a girl, I chose my son, the first boy that I was privileged to work with in Cub Scouting, to draw Tawa.

 On Tawa’s headdress is a band with a color for each den at Akela’s council 25:

   Blue – Apache
              Red – Cherokee         
Purple – Cheyenne
     Green – Mohawk
Yellow – Paiute
Silver – Staff

Tawa wears a necklace with “25” to signify the 25th course for Akela’s Council.  She also wears a smile on her face, because the Cub Scout Program is a Family Program.  And family is important to Tawa.  Without my family, I would not have been able to participate as I have, within the Cub Scout Program.

My Akela’s colors will forever be blue and red.  For this reason, Tawa wears a dress with blue trim and a red necklace, symbolizing my original den of Apache and my den as a Den Leader, Cherokee.

~ Kim Adams, Cubmaster

Akela’s Council 25

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