Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 24

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Akela's Council 24

Learning and More at AC24
August 12-16, 2008 at Camp Maple Dell

Kathy Worthen - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Connie Finlayson
 Volunteer Advisor
 AC 4 - Nez Pearce - Turquoise
 Kathy Worthen
 AC 8 - Navajo - Turquoise
 Allen Ewell
 Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 AC 10 - Shawnee - Orange
 Scott Jewkes
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 16 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Cindy Gagon
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 13 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Debbie Summerhalder
 Pack Trainer
 AC 9 - Cheyenne - Purple
 VaLayne Ostler
 Apache (blue) Den Leader
 AC 22 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Gloria Fox
 Cherokee (red) Den Leader
 AC 16 - Cherokee - Red
 Deb Watts Brown
 Cheyenne (purple) Den Leader
 AC 21 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Joshua Brown
 Mohawk (green) Den Leader
 AC 23 - Mohawk - Green
 Vickie Bennett
 Paiute (yellow) Den Leader
 AC 23 - Navajo - Turquois
 Jessica Ribble
 Trading Post
 AC 20 - Apache - Blue
 Stephanie Meldrum
 Resource  AC 18 - Paiute - Yellow
 Annette Newsom
 Food Services
 AC 15 - Cherokee - Red
 Robert Lee
 Food Services
 AC 21 - Mohawk - Green
 Annaleis Smith
 Food Services
 AC 23 - Shawnee - Orange
 Jackie Poulter
 Craft Specialist
 AC 12 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Gayle Jensen
 Webelos Specialist
 AC 17 - Navajo - Turquoise
 Doni Bufton
 Star Gazing
 AC 9 - Paiute - Yellow
 David Nielsen
 Baden-Powell Presentation
 AC 20 - Navajo - Turquoise

Participant List (22)
 Den Name
City / District
 Sandie Lester
 Apache  Julie Perkins
 Myton / King's Peak
 Apache  Connie Taysom
 Apache  Bobbette White
 Holden / Millard
 Cherokee  Sonia Bartholomew
 Cherokee  Faith Bingham
 Cherokee  Tamara Dallin
 Cherokee  Linda Nielson
 Cherokee  Michael Willburn
 Cheyenne  Kevin Briggs
 Cheyenne  KC Clark
 Cheyenne  Peggy Ann Evans
 Cheyenne  Tamra Ockey
 Cheyenne  Sharlett Thompson
 St. George
 Mohawk  Nancy Brimhall
 Highland / Alpine
 Mohawk  Samantha Miller
 Mohawk  Mary Spann
 Spanish Fork
 Mohawk  KrisAna Willburn
 Paiute  Kanani Horito
 Paiute  Paula Jewett
 Paiute  Jackie Loertscher
 Paiute  Garrett Winn
 Eagle Mountain

Explanation of Tawa

for Akela’s Council 24

Tawa is an Indian word meaning “sun” and for Akela’s Council the meaning of tawa was changed to represent “son” to remind us of the sons (or boys) we work with, as leaders and parents, in Cub Scouting. This is why I chose a young Native boy to represent Tawa.

 In a Hopi creation legend Tawa is the Sun God who created life with Spider Woman. I drew even more symbolism from this line in the story:

 "I am Tawa," sang the Sun God. "I am Light. I am Life. I am Father of all that shall ever come."

 It reminded me of the great potential of the boys we serve as well as the symbol of ‘light’, and how the training we are providing to the leaders will bring them enlightenment and knowledge. Tawa stands before the sun and wears a symbolic sun on his necklace.

 The feathers on the coup stick represent each of our dens: blue for Apache, red for Cherokee, purple for Cheyenne, green for Mohawk and yellow for Paiute.  The feathers in his headdress represent our staff.

I took the liberty to add some personal symbolism as well.  Turquoise will forever be my Akela’s color so it was added as an accent color. The four bands of turquoise at the bottom of the coup stick represent my four children and the gratitude I have for all the leaders that have supported and nurtured them over the years.


Kathy Worthen,

Cubmaster AC 24

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