Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 21

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Akela's Council 21

August 15-19, 2005 at Camp Maple Dell
"Knowledge & Fun at AC-21"
Connie Finlayson - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Don Kilgrow
 Volunteer Advisor
 AC 1 - Staff
 Connie Finlayson
 AC 4 - Nez Perce - Turquoise 
 Stephanie Bayles
 Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 AC 15 - Apache - Blue
 Allen Ewell
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 10 - Shawnee - Orange
 Dawn Miller
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 17 - Shawnee - Orange
 Annette Newsom
 Pack Trainer
 AC 15 - Cherokee - Red
 David Nielsen
 Blackfoot (black) Den Leader
 AC 20 - Navajo - Turquoise
 John Pope
 Cherokee (red) Den Leader
 AC 17 - Cherokee - Red
 Michelle Pae
 Cheyenne (purple) Den Leader
 AC 16 - Sioux - Brown
 Stephanie Peck
 Mohawk (green) Den Leader
 AC 16 - Cheroke - Red
 Trixi Vera
 Navajo (turquoise) Den Leader
 AC 11 - Cheyenne - Purple
 Desiree Esplin
 Trading Post / Medical
 AC 19 - Sioux - Brown
 Kathy Worthen
 Resource  AC 8 - Navajo - Turquoise
 Ange' Workman
 Food Services
 AC 11 - Apache - Blue
 Lynn Hazel
 Food Services
 AC 12 - Apache - Blue
 Doni Bufton
 Food Services
 AC 9 - Paiute - Yellow
 Rhea Unferdorfer
 Craft Specialist
 AC 6 - Blackfoot - Black
 Doug Sunderland
 Webelos Specialist
 AC 2 - Paiute - Blue

Participant List (20)
 Den Name
City / District
 Charles (Butch) Barringer  American Fork
 Blackfoot  Jeanette Hodgkinson  Vernal
 Blackfoot  Pamela Sullivan  Lehi
 Blackfoot  Chelsea Smith  Provo
 Cherokee  Rachael Baird  Hurricane
 Cherokee  Kristina K. Davis  Provo
 Cherokee  Jenny Loftus  Spanish Fork
 Cherokee  Christy Schoenfeld  Tridell
 Cheyenne  Julie Johansen  Payson
 Cheyenne  Katie Rollins  Annabella
 Cheyenne  Deb Watts (Brown)  Kanosh
 Cheyenne  Heidi Young  Payson
 Mohawk  Shanna Besendorfer  Spanish Fork
 Mohawk  Christine Hope  Tooele
 Mohawk  Robert Lee  American Fork
 Mohawk  Ruth Vess  Blanding
 Navajo  Faith Bingham  Payson
 Navajo  Moira Foley  Orem
 Navajo  Pamela Ivie  Lehi
 Navajo  Karla Jones  Orem

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