Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 2

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Akela's Council 2

September 1988 at Camp Maple Dell
Don Kilgrow - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name  Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Paul Hitchcock
 Professional Advisor
Utah National Parks Council
 Gladys Gilson
 Council Vice President - Cub Scouts
 AC 1 - Staff
 Michael Kelsch
 Course Advisor
 AC 1 - Staff
 Donald C. Kilgrow
 AC 1 - Staff  
 Joan Lewis
 Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 AC 1 - Staff  
 Bruce Tidwell
 Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 AC 1 - Staff 
 Jeri Carter
 Pack Trainer
 AC 1 - Staff 
 Cindy Carter
 Den Leader
 AC - Paiute
 Merle Craig
 Den Leader
 AC 1 - Staff  
 Al Garcia
 Den Leader
 AC - Cherokee
 Kaye Hooley
 Den Leader
 AC 1 - Staff  
 Jeanette Jensen
 Den Leader
 AC - Mohawk
 Virginia Wilcox
 Den Leader  AC 1 - Staff
 Beverly Hoyt
 Trading Post Director & Medical Support
 AC 1 - Staff 
 Jackie Astrope
 Food Services Coordinator
 AC 1 - Staff 
 Lynn Dillingham
 Assistant Food Services Coordinator

We are so thankful for donated pictures!  This one had writing on the back of the photo. It said...
Back row left to right - Phillip, Mary, Faye, Mary, Ethel.
Front row left to right - Fern, Jerry, Marie

Participant List (39)
 Den Name    City
 Marie Coray
 Apache  Fern Goodwin
 St. George
 Apache  Ethel Grimes
 Apache  DeNece Johansen
 Apache  Jerry Ann Lance
 Apache  Phillip Moyes
 Apache  Mary A. Stevenson
 Blackfoot  Vivian Farabee
 Blackfoot  Jerry Law
 St. George
 Blackfoot  Max Lucas 
 Blackfoot  Carol Ann Moyes
 Blackfoot  Anna Sant
 Blackfoot  Peggy Tidwell
 Mt. Pleasant
 Cherokee  Ralph Alger
 Pleasant Grove
 Cherokee  Raynette Atkinson
 Cherokee  Christina Olson
 Cherokee  Genae Oswald
 Cherokee  Teresa Seegmiller
 St. George
 Cherokee  Marilyn Stockett
 Cheyenne  Elaine Alger
 Pleasant Grove
 Cheyenne  Ann Fernandez
 Cheyenne  Georgia Flanagan
 Cheyenne  Marie Flater
 Cheyenne  Kim Fulton
 Cheyenne  Jeff Peterson
 Spanish Fork
 Cheyenne  Kenneth G. Pilch
 Mohawk  Wade Cox
 Mohawk  Hugh DeHart
 Mohawk  Janice Fonoimoana
 Many Farms, Arizona
 Mohawk  Donna Giles
 Mohawk  Elizabeth Pilch
 Mohawk  JoAnn Robison
 St. George
 Paiute  Diane Anderson
 Pleasant Grove
 Paiute  Christine Childs
 Paiute  Sue Fraley
 Paiute  Jeannette Frei
 Santa Clara
 Paiute  James Maland
 Paiute  Marlys Jean Skinner
 Paiute  Doug Sunderland

Explanation of Tawa


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