Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Past Courses AC 18

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Akela's Council 18

August 19-23, 2002 at Camp Maple Dell
Ray Cook - Cubmaster

Staff List
Name Staff Position
Original course and Den
 Jeanette Jensen  Volunteer Advisor
 Ray Cook  Cubmaster
 Doni Bufton  Assistant Cubmaster Activity
 Ken Miller  Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 Ange' Workman  Assistant Cubmaster Supply
 Susan Harmon  Pack Trainer
 Jeri Pickett  Cherokee (red) Den Leader
 Annette Newsom  Cheyenne (purple) Den Leader
 Donald (Duck) Johnson  Mohawk (green) Den Leader
 Gary John  Navajo (turquoise) Den Leader
 Stephanie Bayles  Paiute (yellow) Den Leader
 AC 15 - Apache - Blue  
 John Pope
 Shawnee (orange) Den Leader
 Angie McDonald  Resource
 Dawn Miller  Medical  AC 
 Kim Adams  Food Services
 Michelle Pae  Food Services
 Merrill McDonald  Food Services

Participant List (25)
 Den Name
City / District
 Joseph Roberts  Provo
 Cherokee  Jim Montgomery  Vernal
 Cherokee  Darlene Page  Alpine
 Cherokee  Tara Tulley  Payson
 Cheyenne  Michele Miller  Lehi
 Cheyenne  Bruce Mitchell  Sandy
 Cheyenne  Nikki Purcell  Provo
 Cheyenne  Ann Shumway  Elk Ridge
 Cheyenne  Heather Young  Washington
 Mohawk  Charles Ray  Pleasant Grove
 Mohawk  Caryn Swann  Washington
 Mohawk  Jean Tau'a  American Fork
 Mohawk  Trixie Vera  Grantsville
 Navajo  Kenyon Eastin
 Stansbury Park
 Navajo  Mickey Montgomery
 Navajo  Michelle Nay
 American Fork
 Navajo  Kelly Rubink
 Paiute  Herald Crapo  Myton
 Paiute  Stephanie Meldrum  Payson
 Paiute  Marilyn Mitchell  Sandy
 Paiute  Janet Woddoups  Santa Clara
 Shawnee  Lenore Carrier  Highland
 Shawnee  Jerry Jones  Huntington
 Shawnee  Elizabeth Lendall  Orem
 Shawnee  Heidi Ross  Ephraim

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