Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Akela’s Council Cub Scout Leader Training

Akela’s Council is Utah National Park Council’s premier Cub Scout Leader training course.  It is an exciting 3 1/2 day or 2 weekend Cub Scout Leader Training for those who have completed the Cub Scout Leader Basic Training. This fast-paced and inspiring training covers den doodles, den yells, relationships, Cub Scout forms, resources, skits, puppets, charter renewal, BSA policies, insignia, Outdoor Adventures, Cub Scouts with disabilities and much more.  It is a time to meet and socialize with other cub scouters from all parts of the state and country.  Making life-long friendships is a regular occurrence at Akela’s Council.  The sessions are conducted by trained leaders of the Utah National Park’s Council and are led by a faculty of outstanding volunteer and professional Scouters. Each session is designed to discuss the very latest Cub Scout issues, and train using the "best methods" that will enhance the Cub Scouting program for the boys and adults.

Akela’s Council is FUN – Akela’s Council is NOT boring lectures and power point presentations.  It is a very hands on so you can personally see how much the boys will love what you can teach them.  This is personalized instruction in a friendly, entertaining and relaxed manner.  You have never laughed and smiled like you will here.  This is a fun and interactive training showing hundreds of different things you can do with your boys in the den & pack settings. It will make you a better leader and trainer.  Remember EVERY BOY DESERVES A WELL-TRAINED LEADER.  Past participants have deemed Akela's Council to be the most motivating and enjoyable training they have ever completed. Registration is limited so register early for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This training meets the needs of all Cub Scout Pack level leaders.

Akela’s Council has History – In 1984, the Utah National Park’s Council Cub Scout Committee decided there was a need to have further training for the Cub Scout Leaders in their Council.  A committee was formed to decide what was needed.  They wrote and rewrote and revised and rewrote many different classes for leaders to learn the Cub Scout program to its fullest extent.  In May of 1987, the first course was held at Camp Maple Dell with 35 participants.  It was 4 ½ days long.  Every night at staff meeting the staff would revise the program again to make it work for the participants.  It was because of these pioneers of the program that the course was successful.  After each course, there were a few changes to help the program fill the needs of future leaders.  When new programs were developed by the national BSA, they were incorporated into the program.  Not only did participants learn more than they ever dreamed, they also came away with a deeper conviction to the program and friendships to last a lifetime.  The program has proven itself over and over.  It has survived through snow, wind, rain, hail, and fire.  It will survive for many years to come, because of the need for all leaders to have a further training, and because of the dedication of those first leaders who had the intuition to do what was needed to make the Cub Scout Program work for the boys.

Akela’s Council is Advanced Training
– At Akela’s Council, adults have opportunities of their own. World-class courses and seminars cover all aspects of Cub Scouting—all amid beautiful Utah National Parks Council Camps. If you want the best of Cub Scout leadership training, Akela’s Council is for you!

Attendance: Who should come to Akela’s Council?  Anyone involved in Cub Scouting! Cubmasters & assistants, den leaders & assistants, pack committee chairs and committee members, unit commissioners, Cub Scout roundtable staff, ward Primary presidencies, bishopric members, stake Primary presidencies, stake high councilors, stake presidency members, and anyone else who enjoys Cub Scouting.  Attendees will need to be registered and basic trained.

Sessions: For a full schedule of Akela’s Council Sessions with descriptions of each course, see our main page.

Woodbadge or Akela’s Council?
  It is suggested that Cub Scout leaders first attend Akela’s Council.  While both courses provide advanced leader training, Akela’s Council and Wood Badge are unique in their focus. Wood Badge is delivered to all Scout leaders and its focus is on leadership rather than program administration or skills study; and while leadership skills are part of the course, Akela’s Council is ALL ABOUT the Cub Scout program. If you are interested in knowing how to run a quality program that delivers the promise of fun, adventure and character development to 7-10 year-old boys, Akela’s Council can launch you in the right direction by immersing you in the purposes, methods and excitement of Cub Scouting.

Why Should You Go? Because Akela’s Council training has consistently been the most popular and most effective advanced training for the Cub Scouting program in the Utah National Park’s Council in the last quarter of a century.  The best improvements in packs, districts and council Cub Scouting I have seen has come from the Akela’s Council program which is directed and fun.  Do you want excited leaders that follow national BSA procedures, and a Cub Scout Program that is working and fun?  What more could you ask for?

Top 50 items you will learn at Akela's Council:
Flag Etiquette, Respect, Family Involvement, Ceremonies, Uniforms & Insignia, Elements of a Den Meeting, Pinewood Derby's, Paper Rockets, Raingutter Regatta's, Space Derbies, Cubannapolis, Patriotism, Pack Meeting Planning, Crafts, Genius Kits, Conservation Awareness, Cubs in the Kitchen, Communicating with Parents, Positive Attitudes, Cub Leader Book, Games & Teaching Ideas, Den Doodles, Cub Scout Songs, Communications, Keys to a Successful Pack, Round Table Instruction, Positive Value Emphasis, Enjoying Nature, Pack Meetings, Gathering Activities, Working as a Team, Attitudes & Skills, District Leader Training, Skits & Puppets, Talking Feather, Flag Ceremonies, Den Flags, Treasure Hunts, Denners & Asst. Denners, Den Chiefs, New Program Information, Leader Appreciation, Campfire Etiquette, Special Events, Costuming, BSA Structure, Observing Nature, Take a Hike, Outdoor Code, Listening to Nature, Uniform Inspections, Blue & Gold Banquet.


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