Akela's Council Cub Scout Leader Training
Crossroads of the West Council's Premier Cub Scout Leader Training Course
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Brief History of Akela's Council

In 1984, the Utah National Parks Council Cub Scout Committee decided there was a need to have further training for the Cub Scout Leaders in the Utah National Parks Council.  A committee was formed to decide what was needed.  They wrote and rewrote and revised and rewrote many different classes for leaders to learn the Cub Scout program to its fullest extent.

In May of 1987, the first course was held at Camp Maple Dell with 28 participants.  It was 4 1/2 days long.  Every night at staff meeting the staff would revise the program again to make it work for the participants. 

It was because of these pioneers of the program that the course was successful.  After each course, there were a few changes to help the program fill the needs of future leaders.  When new programs were developed by national BSA, they were incorporated into the program.

Not only did participants learn more than they ever dreamed, they also came away with a deeper conviction to the program and friendships to last a lifetime.

The program has proven itself over and over.  It has survived through snow, wind, rain, hail, and fire.  It will survive for many years to come because of the need for all leaders to have a further training, and because of the dedication of those first leaders who had the intuition to do what was needed to make the Cub Scout Program work for the boys.

                                           ~ Jeannette Jensen 1997
                                                         Cubmaster AC-9

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