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Merinda Reeder said:   January 10, 2020 8:11 am PST
I was scared of cub scouts, intimidated by scout words, didn't think a uniform justified that cost, and generally thought that a group of 4-8 children was nothing I wanted to deal with... much less a group of 30 children. My neighbor recommended Akela's Council and changed my life. I love cub scouts, speak fluent scout, own 3 uniforms and look forward to Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, and now troop meetings and camp outs. Scouting has strengthened my family. Akela's Council was the catalyst for so many good things in my family, and so many good friends and role models for me, for my husband, and my children.

Karen Young said:   February 24, 2017 6:42 am PST
I heard about Akela's Council from Pinterest because they always share clever ideas for Cub Scouts. Then I saw the booth at University of Scouting and learned more. I was nervous to go, not knowing anyone, but everyone was so friendly that I was quickly put at ease. I learned so much and made lasting friendships and walked away with the motivation I needed and tools to help me succeed. The food was fantastic, the location was beautiful and it was so much fun! This training is AMAZING! You'll love it!

Stacy Stott said:   February 15, 2017 11:39 pm PST
One of the reasons I decided to attend Akela's Council was because of the enthusiasm of those promoting it at University of Scouting. When I signed up for Akela's Council I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea by attending that I would leave with a renewed excitement, tons of ideas, an understanding of the Cub Scout Program, new friendships, and I gained a whole new Cub Scout family that I now can call on for support. I'm in awe that there are amazing people that are willing to volunteer their time and talents to put together this awesome Cub Scout Training. Go to Akela's Council! You won't regret it!

Joshua Barnett said:   September 23, 2016 9:00 am PST
Akela's Council was a great training on how to do Cub Scouting, the Cub Scouting way. I learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their Cub Scout knowledge.

Jared Kilgrow said:   September 22, 2016 3:33 pm PST
Akela's Council 33 was incredible! It has something to teach and offer everyone that has a willingness to learn and to be a better Cub Scout leader. If you're not certain what you need to do in your position, go to Akela's Council. If you don't fully understand the Cub Scout program and why we do it, go to Akela's Council. If your Cub Scout enthusiasm is lagging and needs to be revitalized, go to Akela's Council. If you're breathing and hold any position associated with Cub Scouts, go to Akela's Council!

John Patten said:   September 22, 2016 12:51 pm PST
For me, Akela's Council delivered four things: numerous ideas I could use immediately in my den, an understanding of the whole Cub Scout program, connections with inspirational people, and motivation to try new things. To anyone considering going, I'd say, do it; you can count on getting just what you need. The value of the experience far exceeds the cost.

Stephanie Harris said:   September 22, 2016 12:10 pm PST
I loved Akela's Council. I had fun and learned a lot! I would recommend it to every Cub Scout leader.

Robin Ball said:   September 22, 2016 11:25 am PST
Akela's Council 33 was such a wonderful experience for me! I left feeling educated, invigorated, and like I made lifelong friends. I will forever be grateful for the the amount of work that went into this training and for the better person I am from attending. Thank you!

Vikki Webster said:   June 15, 2016 10:33 am PST
As the mother of five sons, scouting has been a big part of my life. However, it wasn't until I got called to be a Bear leader almost 3 years ago that I had actually served in scouting. My husband had always been involved. I love scouting. I love the opportunity to interact with the boys and help direct them in the principles of scouting. I loved going to Akela's Council and learning more ways to help the boys. I am a committee chair now and loved the ideas and skits used to liven up pack meeting. I also enjoyed rubbing shoulders with other committed scout leaders and getting their ideas. It was a great experience and one that I would highly encourage, especially if you are new to scouting. The leaderr at Akela's Council were amazing and the experience is definitely something I will remember and refer to often.

Christa Twitchell said:   February 29, 2016 5:44 pm PST
Cub Scouting has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. I watched my mother lead my younger brothers den, train countless other leaders in our District and Council, and travel all over the state while on Council business. We even took a family vacation to Philmont Scout Ranch one summer so she could attend training there. She believed that every boy deserved a well-trained leader and took the time to attend Wood Badge and earned her beads. Because of her hard work and years of service, she has received several awards, including the Silver Beaver and was recognized as one of the Influential Women in Scouting in the Utah National Park Council. Not long after I began my own Cub Scouting adventures as an Assistant Cubmaster, my mom strongly recommended that I go to Akelas Council. She was a participant in 1992 and loved it. She knew that any Cub Scout leader, new or experienced, would come away from Akela’s Council with new ideas and a recharged attitude towards the program. I finally decided to go in the summer of 2011 for Course 27 and it seemed like the universe was against me. I was nervous about leaving my 22 month old daughter for a week, my husband was going to be overseas with the military, and just after I registered and paid I found out that my stake was not going to be reimbursing me for part of the cost. I almost gave up on going to Akelas Council.

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